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About us

Solar Sisters is a Community Interest Company bringing zero waste shopping to the heart of Guildford.


Set up in 2021 by real-life sisters Lucy and Nina, Solar Sisters is so much more than just a zero waste shop. The community-focused plastic-free space hosts events such as yoga, art classes and book clubs. The café provides plant-based breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea options (we have some milk for coffee and cheese for toasties - we're 95% vegan!).

Our refills are of exceptional quality and range. Bring your own container or grab a free jar or paper bag to stock up on food such as beans, nuts, pulses, grains, seeds, oats, pasta, rice, couscous, quinoa, snacks, sweets, chocolate, and dried fruit. You can also refill cleaning products such as cleaning vinegar, bicarb, laundry and washing up liquids, shampoo & conditioner, hand soap, shower gel, and much more! 

Our team

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Lucy is a Solar Sister: a mum, a dancer, a psychologist, a pianist, a shop owner, a coffee enthusiast and multi-tasking extraordinaire.

Lucy has lived in Surrey for 15 years and is a vital member of the community, providing a premium café experience in Solar Sisters as well as at The Nest Coffee Shop in Bramley.  


Nina is the other Solar Sister: a diver, marine conservationist, a boater, an environmental scientist, a masseuse, a painter and a plastic pollution specialist.


Ask her anything about reducing plastic waste! She has been attempting to live a low-waste life since 2016 and is always happy to share her knowledge. Nina's other project, Make Art Not Waste, uses art to educate and create change surrounding plastic waste. 

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